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Roadmap to Wellnesss

Doctors at the Comprehensive Medical Center, take the following steps with
each and every patient to support them in their journey towards the optimal health & wellness
Finding the Root Cause

1. Finding the Root Cause

Identifying and differentiating the multifactorial aspect of an illness. We are devoted to evaluating a patient as a whole person and searching for the underlying cause of their illness by using the law of nature. to reverse or stop the progression of disease.

2. Detoxification

We have created simple and effective individualized programs to identify, neutralize, and eliminate toxins These include environmental toxins, byproducts from the chemical processes, medications, heavy metal, and solvents, as well as unhealthy emotional and behavioral toxins.
Metabolic Support

3. Metabolic Support

Supporting the metabolic pathways through proper usage of digestive enzymes and nutrients to produce optimal energy and vitality. and vitality.

4. Cellular Regeneration

Application of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for optimum cellular health internally and externally.
Cellular Regeneration
Immune & Nervous System Modulation

5. Immune & Nervous System Modulation

Enhancing the body’s innate homeostasis and reversing the maladaptive immune response.

6. Mind-Body Integration

Integrating Dr. Hamer’s work (German New Medicine), to recognize and resolve emotional conflicts as an underlying cause of most chronic illness.
Mind-Body Integration
Optimal Wellness

7. Optimal Wellness

Arriving to a state of complete physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing and maintaining it.