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Pharmacy – Natural Herbal Medical Store

For nearly 25 years, Comprehensive medical Center has been carrying therapeutic grade, nutraceutical brands that rely on cutting edge research and highest quality ingredients for purity and effectiveness.
Every product carried in our pharmacy has been prescribed by our physicians, practitioners and comprehensive doctor for the high therapeutic doses of the nutrients provided.

How CMC is best Chinese traditional and Indian herb medicine Store in Kirkland?

We only work with the companies which provide natural herbal medicine and have adhered to the highest quality standards to ensure that our patients are getting the most potent products, therefore the fastest therapeutic results.

Why CMC is Last Stop for Chinese Traditional Medicine and Indian Herbs in Kirkland?

We carry over 1100 products, including the highest quality vitamins, minerals, herbal medicines and homeopathic formulas, all natural medicines, organic skin care lines and EMF protective devices for electronic devices as well as your work and living spaces.
CMC is also renowned as Chinese traditional herbal medicine store in Kirkland where you can get Indian herbs and natural medicines as well. When you search for Chinese herbal medicine near me then you’ll find Comprehensive Medical Center and we are very proud to say that we include over 1100 herbal medicines nearby your location in Kirkland.

What natural medicines, one can find at CMC herbal medicine store?

You can find the herbal medicine for high blood pressure, deep sleep, adhd, diabetes, anxiety arthritis, and cough and for many treatments.