Prior to the flight/take off:

Chlorella 3 grams, or Blue Green Algae 3 capsules, or 200mg Potassium Iodide to protect against the radiation

MSM/Vitamin C powder 1:1 ratio 1/2 teaspoon added to water bottle to drink while flying for protection against the jet fumes and other petrochemical exposure during the flight

Anti microbial: two capsules of one of the followings supplements or one of each

Garlic/Olive leaf/Oregano

Digestive enzyme with meals

Nasal spray combo (combination of anti viral/ bacterial/fungal) (optional)


During the visit:

Anti parasitic support and digestive support:

AP Mag and Trifal after each meal most importantly when traveling to India, Or Parazyme, 1-2 tablets after each meal

Sacromyce Boulardi- one capsule at bed time


Heavy metal and Chemical support:

Optional depending on the pollution rate at the destination, keep in mind that most hotels spray their beds with pesticides.

Chlorella- 3 grams daily

MSM/Vitamin C 1:1 ½ teaspoon of each in 8oz of water once daily


Other First Aid supports to consider:

Food poisoning:

Make sure that you are taking a small sample of Alkala, Alkabase or Trisalt in case of food poisoning

1/2 teaspoon in 2oz of water in case of diarrhea or nausea and vomiting as soon as possible, repeat every 1/2 hour until symptoms subsides.



Garlic, best natures antibiotic unless if you can not tolerate

MMS, Citric acid on emergency basis in countries that Malaria may be epidemic.

I also recommend 1 capsule of Artemesia twice daily one week before, during the visit and a week after the trip.



Castor oil- 1 teaspoon with a large glass of water on as needed basis

Magnesium- 2-4 capsules on as needed basis


Minor injuries:

Traumeel /Arnica tablet (3 pellets under the tongue every 2-3 hours the first day of the injury)/ ointment (apply topically as needed)


Minor cuts:

Colloidal silver


Insect bites:

Bug spray

Homeopathic ointment BITECARE by BOIRON or Cicatrisane by Seroyal


Sun Burn:

Calendula cream to apply in case of second or third degree burns

Hawaii travelers may consider Dimethyl Selenide/Methylated Selenium 200 mcg daily


For those who are not checking in any luggage:

(you may have all your liquid/ointment/creams in a plastic zip-lock bag for ease of traveling as long as each container is less than 3oz in volume  to carry on to the plane)


Have a safe and unforgettable trip,

Dr. Kimiai