Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic doctors are licensed professionals in the state of Washington who have completed a 4 year post-graduate program at a federally accredited naturopathic medical school.

Care provided by a naturopathic physician is highly individualized and based on 6 principles.

  • The Healing Power of Nature – There is an innate, self-healing force within all living things. The role of the physician is to recognize obstacles that are preventing this healing process from working optimally.

  • Treat the Whole Person – Health is a reflection of all aspects of human life including physical, mental, emotional, genetic, spiritual, environmental and social. Healing can only occur if all of these systems are healthy. It is rare for any illness to affect only one of these systems so it is crucial to exam them all when attempting to restore health.

  • First, Do No Harm - The use of treatments that require the least force necessary to restore health. This minimizes the risk of harming the patient in the process of trying to heal the body. The ultimate goal of the physician is to strengthen the body to allow the natural healing process to take place.

  • Identify and Treat the Cause – Naturopathic physicians recognize the wisdom of the body in creating symptoms to fight the underlying cause of illness. The suppression of symptoms does not restore health and may actually lead to more serious, chronic health problems.

  • Prevention is the Best Cure – Creating an optimal environment for health includes evaluation of environmental and hereditary factors. Making changes to the patient’s lifestyle can enable the body to more effectively fight illness.

  • Doctor as Teacher – The Latin word for doctor is docere which means “teacher.” Naturopathic physicians emphasize self-responsibility for health. Each visit provides an opportunity for the provider to educate the patient about the body and the factors influencing health and illness.

For more information, please visit the Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians (WANP).

Comprehensive Medical Center offers the following treatment modalities.

  • Herbology – The use of herbal medicine is a practical application of the naturopathic belief in the healing power of nature. Herbal medicine preparations are prescribed to improve health or treat illness. Herbal medicines come in many forms including liquid extracts, teas, powders, capsules and tablets. Some are taken internally while others are applied topically. Many plants have evolved to survive in the modern environment with stresses like toxins and super-organisms. We can utilize the inherent protective properties to better adapt our bodies to handle the stresses in our environment.

  • Ortho-molecular medicine – This term describes the use of naturally occurring substances including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements and essential fatty acids to correct imbalances in the body. The treatment goal is to create the optimal biomolecular environment in the body to promote health.

  • Physical medicine – The sub-specialty of physical medicine includes various modalities to boost vitality, strengthen immune function, enhance detoxification, treat injuries and relieve chronic pain. Hands-on techniques include soft-tissue manual therapy, spinal manipulation, and muscle-stretching. Physiotherapy treatments offered at Comprehensive Medical Center include diathermy, cold laser, ultrasound, infrared sauna, steam sauna, foot bath, and Anodyne. We also offer constitutional hydrotherapy sessions to promote lymph flow and stimulate the body’s innate healing force.

  • Nutritional medicine – The doctor may evaluate your dietary habits as they relate to overall health. The goal is to optimize nutritional status by identifying and correcting deficiencies and excesses in the diet. You will be provided with an individualized dietary plan designed to best utilize your food as medicine and to minimize toxic exposures to food additives.


For more information, please visit BioImmersion, Inc.


Acupuncture is a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a system of medicine that is over 5,000 years old. It is based on the concept of a vital energy (called Qi) that circulates through the body in 12 invisible energetic lines called meridians. Each of the 12 meridians is associated with an organ system. Disturbances or blocks in these pathways lead to dysfunction and disease. The acupuncturist inserts needles into points along the meridians with the intention of balancing the flow of Qi through the body. In addition to the placement of acupuncture needles, the practitioner may use additional Chinese Medicine techniques including moxibustion and cupping. Moxibustion is the gentle heating of acupuncture needles or points along meridians using dried herbs. Cupping is used to relieve Qi stagnation and involves the use of glass cups pressed against the skin to create suction.

What to expect

Your first visit will include a comprehensive evaluation of your health history including any sensitivities you have to specific foods, temperatures and seasons. Then there will be a brief physical examination of the tongue (looking for variations in color, shape, and coating), as well as pulse characteristics. Your practitioner will then determine the best places to insert needles to balance the flow of energy in your body. The number of needles varies depending on the treatment goals. During insertion of the needles you may experience a brief stinging sensation, but most patients do not experience any pain once the needles are in place. Following placement of the needles, patients are typically allowed to rest for a period of time before the needles are removed. The treatment time varies from a few seconds to over an hour, but the average appointment time is about an hour.


Homotoxicology is the identification and eradication of autotoxins in the body using homeopathic medicines. We use three lines of homotoxicology products in our office.

  • HEEL – HEEL homeopathics was founded in Germany by Dr. Reckeweg and involve the use of homeopathic preparations of allopathic medications or herbal remedies to treat the patient suffering from pathogens or self-generated toxins. According to Dr. Reckeweg, there are 6 phases of illness including excretion, reaction, deposition, impregnation, degenerative damage, and neoplasm. The body produces symptoms as part of the effort to restore balance to a toxic system.

    For more information, please visit HEEL Homeopathy.

  • UNDA – UNDA remedies were created in France over 50 years ago by Georges Diseri. The remedies are a combination of low potency botanical medicines and medicals designed to facilitate biotherapeutic drainage. The plant portion of each remedy has an affinity for the organ systems and the mineral portion alters the biochemical function of the remedy. The goal of UNDA therapy is to enable the body to eliminate toxins more efficiently.

    More information about UNDA and Gemmo Remedies.

  • GUNA – GUNA remedies are based on the Sanskrit phrase, “all life energies of living beings.” The remedies are formulated to work with and optimize existing treatments by integrating conventional and homeopathic medications to achieve physiological regulation. The GUNA line includes homeopathic preparations of hormones, neuropeptides, interleukins, growth factors, cytokines and neurotransmitters. The remedies work on 5 levels: Detoxification; Modulation of the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune axis; Cellular metabolic support; Cellular nutritional support; and Symptom control.

Pleomorphic Medicine / Sanum Remedies

Pleomorphic medicine is a form of biological medicine based on Ayurvedic principles. This therapeutic modality is based on research conducted by Dr. Guenther Enderlein (1872-1968). Pathological changes in the blood pH can cause organisms which were not harmful to mutate into disease-causing organisms. Diagnosis of these changes may involve evaluation of a live-blood specimen under dark-field microscopy. The goal of treatment is to balance the blood pH. Altering the pH to a more optimal value can restore the organisms to the original, non-harmful state. This is achieved by using specific homeopathic and isopathic remedies created from disease-eradicating strains of biological cultures.


Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is the founder of this technique in the United States. Neurotherapy is widely used in Germany and Europe. It involves the injection of local anesthetics into scars, trigger points, autonomic ganglia, and peripheral nerves. We use preservative-free Procaine due to its excellent safety record. It works by normalizing the nervous system. The doctor first identifies the initial injury to the nervous system that led to chronic pain or a disease state. This is done by reviewing a detailed medical history including traumas, accidents, medications and dental interventions. The primary lesion may be a site of injury, a scar from surgery, an acute illness or a symptomatic organ. Anesthetics are used to restore membrane potentials or to reset transport mechanisms in the cell. This enables the cell to clear toxic metabolic by-products which change the function of motor and sensory nerves.

Anti-aging Medicine/ Hormone Therapy

Both Dr. Kimiai and Dr. Klinghardt are board-certified anti-aging physicians. Anti-aging medicine is a specialty that focuses on correcting physiological dysfunction to improve quality of life and increase the healthy human lifespan. Doctors that practice anti-aging medicine are trained to identify, treat and prevent age-related illnesses and degenerative diseases. They use evidence-based medicine to incorporate the most effective anti-aging therapeutic modalities available. This is an especially important aspect of modern medicine because of estimates indicating 90% of all adult disease is secondary to degenerative changes. Examples of age-related illnesses include cardiovascular disease, many cancers, Type II diabetes, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, auto-immune diseases and neurological diseases.

Anti-aging Techniques

The treatment goals of anti-aging medicine include detoxification, cardiovascular protection, optimal antioxidant support and metabolic repair. Specific techniques utilized in our office include mesotherapy and hormone therapy.

For more information, please visit the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine.


Mesotherapy is a technique in which a provider uses subdermal injections of vitamins, herbal extracts, homeopathic medicines and pharmaceutical medications. The substances are selected to provide nutrients that optimize cellular function and increase cellular metabolism. We primarily use Heel Injectable homeopathic remedies to achieve improve the tone of the skin and reduce visible signs of aging.

Hormone Therapy

The goal of hormone therapy is to improve the patient’s quality of life by replacing deficient hormones. A doctor determines the most appropriate treatment based on a review of the medical history as well as laboratory testing and physical exam. Hormonal treatment may include the use of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, DHEA or melatonin. Many of our protocols include compounded bio-identical hormones specifically formulated by a physician to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Dr. Kimiai is also a certified Sottopelle Therapy practitioner and offers Hormone Pellet Replacement Therapy. Find out more at https://sottopelletherapy.com/