Flu Treatment/Preventions

Oscillococcinum is a good one to start with for the whole family, one twice daily for three days and then repeat in a week and then in a month, best equivalent to vaccination.

Others in order of preventative measures:

  • Immuplex 2 per day

  • TIM one or two per day

  • Chewable Congaplex for Kids one daily

In case of start of Flu like symptoms:

  • Immuplex- 4 every 3-4 hours the first day until no symptoms, reduce to 2 tmes daily for a week

  • Congaplex- Chewable for kids 3 every 4 hours until no symptoms

  • Flucomune- 3 three to 4 times like above

  • Unda #s 5, 15, 37 for kids, 5 drops three times daily in case of fever associated with the Flu like symptoms ( malaise, sore throat, sinus congestion, lung congestion, cough,....)

  • Under #s 5, 27, 220, if already in the lungs

  • Unda #s 2, 48, 710 if severe sinus congestion plus Pneumotrophin PMG 2 twice daily plus Digest forte one before each meal

  • Other supplement to consider to increase the dosage, since most everyone may already have at home; Oregano, Olive leaf, Abiotics, Intestinol, Garlic, GSE, Andrographis complex, Trifal, Vitamins (high doses of Zinc, D, C, A)

  • Last but not least Probiotic, at the beginning sign of any URI, high doses of probiotic by itself can be amazing protection against Flu bugs.

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