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Technology Vs. Biology: How Electromagnetic Stress Has Become the Newest Epidemic.. Electrosensitivity

  • Cafe Organique 11656 98th Avenue Northeast Kirkland, WA, 98034 United States (map)

Today, Electrosensitivity affects everyone and with the increasing amount of wireless
signals from cellphones and many other devices, no one can escape it. Electromagnetic
stress is not yet recognized as an underlying pathology by the medical community,
however everyone is suffering from it to one degree or another. As more and more
extreme cases are presenting themselves throughout the healthcare system, practitioners
are finding themselves at a loss to help these individuals.

In this class you will learn how:
• To identify and understand the different man-made frequencies emitted by cellphones,
computers, routers, smart meters, cell towers, transformers, and many more.
• Our biology & environment are affected by artificial electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
In addition, you will learn how to:
• Identify the symptoms and consequences of Electrosensitivity.
• Successfully address Electrosensitivity.
You will be presented with:
• Research regarding EMR.
• Proven solutions for: EMR protection, water regeneration, restoring proper cellular
polarity, cranial rhythm and more...You will personally experience these
treatments and improve your well being.
• How and when to use these solutions in order to efficiently protect and treat yourself,
your love ones and your clients.

Structure of Seminar: 10am-12:30pm Lecture; 1:30-3pm Hands on Experience
Dates: Saturday, March 10, 2018 OR Sunday, March 11, 2018
Location: Comprehensive Medical Center Café; 11656 98th Avenue NE, Kirkland
Fee: Complimentary of Tilys Biotech; Limited Space so Please Register!
REGISTRATION: Email your Name; Contact Phone #; Attendance Date & Organization you
are with (optional), with the Subject Line (March 2018 Electrosensitivity Class) to: