Vital Terrain Analysis

Vital Terrain Analysis is a series of 10 laboratory tests used to evaluate the physiological processes in the body. The information provided by the VTA allows the doctor to determine the best way to correct obstacles to achieving optimal metabolic function. Every patient is required to complete this test prior to their first appointment. The doctor reviews the results and utilizes them to identify underlying health concerns. This information enables the doctor to efficiently recognize the causes of ill health for each patient as well as the treatment strategies that will most effectively move that patient toward wellness.


Ondamed is Latin for the word "wave." It is an electromagnetic biofeedback treatment that combines sound, color and electromagnetic impulses to stimulate the body. Treatment effects include pain relief, decreased inflammation, lower stress, improved immune function and increased release of toxins from the body. During the treatment, the doctor monitors the patient's pulse to detect changes in the autonomic nervous system. The machine generates specific frequencies that resonate with organs and tissues in the body. Most patients will received between 3 and 12 treatments, but report positive changes after just one.

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Thermography is the use of digital infrared imaging to visualize changes in the skin surface temperatures. The energy is detected by a machine and translated into a graphical representation called a thermogram. This test shows thermal abnormalities which are indicative of disease or injury. The normal body is thermally symmetrical, so asymmetry in the scan is the result of metabolic or physiological abnormalities. The best known use for thermography is used to evaluate neuropathies and vascular injury. We offer Computer Regulation Thermography as a way of screening patients for thermal changes which correlate with patterns of disease processes. This diagnostic technique is a non-invasive procedure with no known risks or side-effects.

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Applied kinesiology is a form of bio-energetic testing in which manual muscle tests are used to identify weaknesses in the body. It can also be used to identify the best therapy to restore health by strengthening the body. This technique is not a measure of muscle strength. The practitioner identifies imbalances resulting in a change in muscle response. It is a way to measure the body’s response to a physical, chemical or mental stimulus. Dr. Klinghardt developed the autonomic response technique (ART). Our practitioners are extensively trained in autonomic response testing, the most advanced and sophisticated form of applied kinesiology.